Put Off Thy Shoes
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PUT OFF THY SHOES: The Remarkable Power of Prayer

Occasionally a book comes along that truly "defines" its subject. In this penetrating study, Ted
Gibbons lays the doctrinal foundation of powerful prayer that enables us to "put off our shoes" and enter the holy ground of individual worship and supplication. This beautifully written book is based on the teachings of the scriptures, the words of the prophets, and the clarifying discernment arising from personal experience. The insights in PUT OFF THY SHOES will change your prayers and they will change you.
"We thought we knew all about prayer. In PUT OFF THY SHOES, Ted Gibbons surrounds a familiar experience with new understanding, even excitement. Then he enhances his ideas with powerful personal experiences" (Eileen Kump, author, educator)
"The process of prayer is so simple, so powerful, and almost universally misunderstood. This book is a breakthrough-both practical and inspiring! One comes away feeling that communication with heaven is real and that the Listener is near. I feel that I have read something substantial." (Larry Barkdull, author)

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(With S. Michael Wilcox; illustrated by Mark McCune)

Meet Ferdinand the Ferret and Grizelda the Goose and Porter the Polar Bear and their zany friends as they interact with the world while learning and teaching wonderful lessons about the meaning of life.  This new and expanded hardback version of an earlier classic has three times as many stories. It will be a delight for readers of all ages!                          
Modern Fables (Hardcover) $14.99

Ours is a world filled with fear, doubt, and uncertainty. In these difficult times, it is more important than ever before that you develop a firm foundation of faith.
Teach your family to believe with BE NOT AFRAID. This remarkable collection of stories, grounded in the teachings of Christ, is beautifully told and will help you and your family draw closer to the Spirit as you increase your testimonies of the Savior's power. Ted L. Gibbons has seamlessly woven scriptures, the words of the modern prophets, and personal anecdotes into specific topics that will help focus your faith on such things as believing in His creative genius, in His empathy and in His words. 
Put the doubt and uncertainty of life's troubles behind you and embrace the Savior's promises of protection. In the face of frustration, stress, discouragement, and even illness and death, do as Jesus bid Jairus do so long ago, "Be not afraid, only believe" (Mark 5:36)
Be Not Afraid (Softcover) $12.99

(An Interrupted Prayer)

The scriptures are filled with this testimony: God hears our prayers and he answers our prayers. Consider these verses:
He will be very gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry: when he shall hear it, he will answer thee. (Isaiah 30:19)
Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer: thou shalt cry, and shall say, Here I am. (Isaiah 58:9)
What if it happened to you? What if you presented yourself before the Father and your prayer became, not just a recitation, but a conversation?
This charming booklet, AMEN! (An Interrupted Prayer), describes such an experience. The lesson contained herein has made its way around the world, touching lives in English and several foreign languages. For years it has been out of print. Now it is available again.
Read It And Remember.
Next time you come before the Father in prayer, listen carefully. Who knows what may happen.
Amen (Paperback) $2.95
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The intent of the mob that attacked Carthage Jail was to leave no survivors to tell the truth of what happened. But two men survived. One of them, in fulfillment of prophecy, was unharmed. That man was Willard Richards.

No man knew the personal and intimate life of Joseph Smith better than did Willard Richards. Joseph himself declared that fact in a letter to Elder Richards' wife in 1842: "I never had a greater intimacy with any man, than with your husband."

Willard Richards was the Prophet's personal secretary and Church Historian. In addition, he was with Joseph almost every minute of every day during the final weeks of the Prophet's life. And he was present at Carthage Jail when Joseph died.

Because he was an eyewitness to the betrayal, treachery, and conspiracy that led to the murder of the Prophet, Elder Richards was in a unique position to recount the story of the martyrdom. As told in the historic words of Willard Richards, renowned author and lecturer, Ted Gibbons, relives Joseph's last days and the events that permitted him to seal his testimony with his own blood.

This book is the companion volume to The Road to Carthage.
Sealing The Testimony (Paperback) $11.95
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THE ROAD TO CARTHAGE - Conspiracy and Betrayal

The martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith "is a witness to the truth of the everlasting gospel that all the world cannot impeach: and...an ambassador for the religion of Jesus Christ, that will touch the hearts of honest men among all nations..." (D&C 135:7)
With unusual and perceptive historical insight, this penetrating study of old Nauvoo takes the reader behind the scenes and into the minds of the men who plotted the death of Joseph Smith.

This carefully researched book casts a spotlight on Governor Ford, the apostates, and the anti-mormons whose hatred and treachery placed Joseph on the road to Carthage and brought him at last "like a lamb to the slaughter" to his martyrdom in the jail at Carthage, Illinois.

The Road to Carthage reveals:
The betrayal,
The Conspiracy,
The purpose behind The Nauvoo Expositor-conceived as an instrument of death.
The Road to Carthage is a profound work by well-known author and lecturer, Ted Gibbons. This book is the companion volume to Sealing the Testimony.

The Road to Carthage (Paperback) $11.95
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"The Test of Life is open-book, take-home, and multiple choice, and if you need help you can call the Instructor."

Beginning with this simple insight, Ted Gibbons, the author of this warm and inspiring book, explores "life's test," an examination complete with a Teacher, a testing center, textbooks, sample problems, and a final grade."

In a unique and refreshing approach to the challenges of mortality, Gibbons examines the rules by which the Test in conducted. For example:

"Don't Quit. Only the Instructor Knows How Many Problems There Are and How Long the Test Will Last"

"Not All Problems Make Sense"

"Your Test Is Personalized"

"Some Problems Are Very Difficult, but the Solutions Are Always Simple"

"Mistakes Can Be Fixed until the Test Is Over"

"You Must Help Others Solve Their Problems"

"The Teacher Loves His Students"

This is a delightful book for anyone who is taking the test of life.

This Life is a Test (Paperback) $12.95
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A Testimony of Willard Richards No man knew the personal and intimate life of the Prophet Joseph Smith better than Willard Richards. Joseph himself declared that fact in a letter to the wife of Willard Richards written in June of 1842 in which he said, "I never had a greater intimacy with any man, than with your husband."

Brother Richards was Joseph's personal secretary and he was also Church Historian. In addition he was with Joseph almost every minute of every day during the final weeks of the prophet's life. And he was present in the Carthage Jail when Joseph died.

Because he was an eyewitness and a record keeper and a dear friend to the prophet, he was in a unique position to tell the story of the martyrdom. This is his story.

[Available as an audio CD, VHS, and a DVD filmed at Carthage Jail] 

I Witnessed the Carthage Massacre

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